Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly E-Mail - August 8th - Last One!

Hey Everyone,

Okay sooo that was a complete accident on Thursday when I sent that
email. haha so embarrassed that that happened hahaha. Story of my

Well it's my last P-Day & last time emailing! So I just wanted to thank
you all for the love & support & prayers you've all given me over the
past 18 months. I've said this countless times, but deciding to serve
a mission was the best decision I've ever made. I've learned so many
lessons & have been able to feel love of my Heavenly Father for me &
for the people I've taught. I know that God is our Loving Heavenly
Father & He loves us more than we can even comprehend. I know we can
always turn to Heavenly Father in prayer & He is always there for us.
I know that the mission has changed me because I've learned how to use
the Atonement more fully in my life & have had the incredible
opportunity of watching others change through Jesus Christ & His
Atonement. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for each one of us & that
He lives today.  I wish I could explain everything I've learned on my
mission, but I think that's why Heavenly Father set it up this
way-that we all get called to different places with people that we
don't know, so we can each have our own individual experiences. I've
been blessed with the best companions & amazing wards & have made the
greatest friendships here with the people of Sacramento. I know that
Joseph Smith was a prophet of God called to restore God's church back
on the Earth today. I know the priesthood has been restored & we can
be sealed with our families forever! I know The Book of Mormon is the
word of God & any concern can be answered by feasting upon the words
of The Book of Mormon. I've loved being an instrument in the Lords
hands in bringing people closer to Jesus Christ & I know I've been
brought closer to Him by doing so.

This past week we had the opportunity to teach a 17 year old boy,
Ethan. He's so prepared & at the end of the lesson he asked us what
the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meant to us. I bore my
testimony of how much I love this gospel. Of course I started to tear
up thinking about the experiences I've had over the course of my
mission & how I know that it's the gospel that brings true happiness!
Before my mission I thought of the gospel as a little section of my
life, but I feel like I more fully understand that the gospel is my
life-in every aspect. I've loved being able to serve my Heavenly
Father & bear testimony of His Son, Jesus Christ, every single day.
I've learned that true happiness is when we are in the service of
others. One of my favorite quotes comes from True to the Faith that
says, "The Savior invites you to give of yourself in the service of
others. Your opportunities to do so are limitless. Each day, look for
ways to gladden hearts, to say kind words, to perform labors for
others that they cannot do for themselves, to share the gospel. Be
receptive to the whispering of the Spirit, prompting you to serve.
You will find that the true key to happiness is to labor for the
happiness of others."

All I can say is how grateful I am to have had this privilege of
serving a mission! Thank you so much to every one of you who have
helped me along the way. I'm very blessed for the best family &
friends in the world! Can't wait to see you all!!!❤️❤️❤️

I love you all. CTR!!!

For the last time,
Sister Sobotka

Friday, August 5, 2016

Weekly Email - August 1st - Not Trunky

Hi Family & Friends,

Well I've officially been on a mission for 18 months. What in the world!!

Last Tuesday all the departing missionaries got to go to the temple.
Usually the departing missionaries go to a session the day before they
return home, but the Sacramento Temple is going to be closed for the
first two weeks in August so our group got to go this week. It was
definitely one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. I sat
in the celestial room & just thought of the lessons I've learned over
the last 18 months & the experiences I've had. It was just a great day
& I am just so full of gratitude for my mission. I sat in the
celestial room with my MTC companion, Sister Marks & we just teared up
thinking back to 18 months ago when we entered the MTC together. I'm
just grateful for the friendships I've made here in Sacramento & how
it will always have a special place in my heart. After the temple we
went to the spaghetti factory with President & Sister Jardine. Ah I'm
just gonna miss this mission family so much.

After lunch & I had my departing interview with President Jardine. I
just love that man. Before the interview I thought, "I don't think
I'll cry during this" & the first thing President Jardine asked me
was, "how are you feeling right now?" & wow I just started crying &
told him how grateful I was for my mission. Then he gave me the whole
marriage spiel & talked about her future. Ah what?!

The rest of the week was really good. Okay so the Folsom stereo type
is that there is "no work" because everyone is rich & set in their
ways. I've spent quite sometime in Folsom & have heard this a billion
times haha but yeah i just ignore it usually haha. But last night we
got the biggest miracle call. We had a lady from another Ward call us
& tell us her best friend is ready to take the lessons! She said she
has taken the lessons before from the Elders, but that the elders
weren't very considerate so she's been waiting for months to be able
to be taught by sisters!! Sister Adam & I were so excited we started
to tear up. She gave us her number & she was so excited!!! She asked
if we could come for dinner this week. Her name is Sarah & we will be
going over this week!

I've just learned that when you're doing your best the Lord takes care
of the rest. Last year we had zone conference from Elder Hamula of the
70 & he said multiple times, "pray like everything depends on God, &
work as if everything depends on you" & I've seen that to be very
true! If we pray & truly rely on our Heavenly Father, but then go out
there & work Heavenly Father will bless us for our efforts, but we
always gotta put in that work.

Thank you for all the loving emails this week!!! I'm so excited to see
all of you❤️❤️❤️
Keep choosing the right & take the time to study your scriptures!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

1. Throw back to Sis Marks & I in the MTC πŸ˜‚
2. Sis Marks & I's last temple trip:(
3. The Folsom Zone
4. The cute sisters I go home with
5. Our departing group!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Email - July 25th - Mouse in the House of the Lord!

Hey everybody!

I've had several moments this week where we will be in the middle of
teaching a lesson & I just start to tear up about how sad I am that
this is almost over. I absolutely love my mission with all of my heart
& I can't even explain how much I've learned or how much this
experience means to me.

Anyway, I'll talk about the funny stuff that happened first! So
yesterday at church sacrament meeting had just started, but a mouse
ran through the chapel & everyone freaked out!! (Including me) Hahaha
so some men of the Ward started chasing it around, but they could not
grab it. So we kinda put the whole meeting on pause to try & catch the
mouse, haha it ran out into the foyer into the couch! So 2 men picked
up the couch & carried it outside Hahahah. So yeah that was crazy!

So we started teaching that couple that came to church last week! &
they are just so sincere & so ready to learn! We had an incredible
lesson with them & Melody asked me if I was homesick & ready to go
home & I just started to cry telling her how much I'm gonna miss this.
How amazing it's been!! Ah so grateful to be out here.

Grateful for Pioneer Day & man every time I think of the pioneers I'm
just amazed at the sacrifices they went through. We sang "Come Come Ye
saints" yesterday at church & the line "& if we die, before our
journeys through, all is well" has always just amazed me!! These
people put all their trust & hope in the Lord & are such heroes to me!

Anyway keepin it short this week 😘
Hope you all choose the right & are enjoying your summer! Hope the
family has so much fun at the Spanish Fork rodeo!!! Take some cute
pics for me:)
Sorry this email is all over the place!!

Love always,
Sis Sobotka

Weekly email -July 5th - I'm going going, back back to Folsom Folsom

Well I'm officially starting my final transfer! 13th transfer, 14th
companion & 6th area. Seriously my mission has been so crazy!! But I
wouldn't have it any other way.

I can't even explain how happy I am to be finishing my mission in
Folsom! Last week we got the call that Sis Lillie would be training in
Rescue & at first I was so sad, because I love it here. But then later
in the week I got the call that I'm white-washing/shot gunning
(whatever you kids call it now a days) 2 wards in Folsom that have had
elders forever! & I'll be able to see my fav members from el dorado
hills!!! My new companion is Sis Adam. She's from St George & she's so
sweet! She's so kind & im just loving life. So yeah Heavenly Father
loves His children. Still super sad I won't be able to teach Jana
anymore, but she's so solid for baptism so it's aight.

I have so much to write about this week & I'll do my best to
summarize. I only have 5 more weekly emails so they gotta be good. ;)

K first of all, we had the most amazing lesson with the part member
family I talked about a few months ago (The Linns) he's a member-grew
up in the church, his family is all active but he isn't. Sad. & his
wife isn't a member! Anyway we talked to them all about The Book of
Mormon & just testified with all our hearts. & they said they would
both read it & they were so excited! The spirit was just so strong &
it was one of the most powerful lessons I've been in.

Okay also this we had this way cool experience at the temple. There's
a recent convert in our Ward named Jacob, who got baptized about 3
months ago & he was able to take his dad's name to the temple & be
baptized for him! It was such a cool spirit there. Temples are such a
blessing & it made me realize how grateful I was that I live so close
to one & was able to do baptisms for the dead growing up. Never take
that for granted!!

Anyway I hope you all had an awesome 4th. Oh I got to celebrate Canada
Day because I had a Canadian companion! We had this stuff called
"Poutine" for dinner which is basically French fries with gravy &
cheese? Haha it was cool. But I am just so grateful for America & this
beautiful country we live in! We are soooo blessed! I would rant more
about my love for America, but this is already long! So yeah God Bless
America. I'm proud to be an American! Keep on keeping on! Read your
scriptures, say your prayers & CTR❤️πŸ’™

Love always,
Sis Sobotka

Weekly Email - June 27th - The Gathering of Israel

Hey everyone!

So this email is gonna be short...

Well last Tuesday we had zone conference with Elder Lawrence from the
70 (he gave the famous talk "what lack I yet" in General conference) &
his sweet wife. She spoke to us first for a few hours & on this deep
doctrine stuff like the gathering of Israel & the Gentiles & basically
my mind was just blown to all this doctrine I never understood haha.
It was really cool! He spoke to us about sacrifice & it was amazing.
It was my last zone conference so that was sad, but apparently our
mission is just doing really well! It's way cool to see the changes in
the mission over these past months:)

We had a super cool experience on Saturday night, we pulled up at the
gas station & this guy came up to us & asked us if our car broke down,
lol we told him no. But invited him to church & he totally came
yesterday!! So yeah that was such a cool miracle. Hopefully we will
teach him this week!

Anyway this email is kinda lame! Hope you all choose the right & read
your scriptures this week!!

Love always,
Sis Sobotka

This is the scariest picture on my family history line Hahahah
Our Ward mission leader (bro Bair & his sons washed our car for zone conf)

Weekly Email - June 20th - Happy Fathers Day

Hello Everyone!

Huge shout out to my trainer Sister Lavea for getting engaged this
week!!!! So excited for you:)

Happy late Father's Day to all you dads out there. Yesterday I had
time to reflect on the important role of fathers & how grateful I am
for my dad & his incredible example to me & my family. Elder L. Tom
Perry said, “Fatherhood is leadership, the most important kind of
leadership. It has always been so; it always will be so. Father, with
the assistance and counsel and encouragement of your eternal
companion, you preside in the home. It is not a matter of whether you
are most worthy or best qualified, but it is a matter of [divine]

This week has been so good. Jana is so solid. She's reading her Book
of Mormon faithfully. She is in 2 Nephi now & is just loving every
word. She made it to church again yesterday & is so excited to tell
everyone about her decision to be baptized! Yesterday in Sunday school
the lesson was all about baptism & members of the Ward were telling
their experiences of when they were baptized & Jana commented & said,
"I am so excited I can't wait!" Her husband is even starting to read
the Book of Mormon with her!!! It's so cool that through her example
she is bringing her less husband back slowly, but surely:) it has been
such a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to be able to teach her for
the last few months of my mission. I am learning so much from her!

This week we had dinner at the cutest family's house. So we started
talking to them about where they were from & all that getting to know
you stuff, they are this younger couple, & the wife said "oh I'm from
highland Utah" & I was like "what!! Same with me?" & then she asked me
what highschool I went to & I told her American fork, then she said
she went there too!! She graduated 3 years before me. Then I asked her
what stake she was in & said she wasn't active while she was growing
up. Then I asked her about how she became active again, because her &
her husband are both super active & are sealed in the temple now. So
her husband grew up here in Rescue, but went less active in highschool
& ended up getting a girl pregnant & was just partying hard core. He
moved to Florida right after highschool & got into some crazy stuff &
ended up in the hospital. He said while he was in the hospital he
realized how unhappy he was. He said he thought of his parents & how
happy they were & he knew it was because of the gospel. While he was
in the hospital in Florida he called the missionaries there to come
give him a blessing, & then he started meeting with them & moved back
to California & worked hard to turn his life around, then he went to
UVU & met his wife now. He brought her back into the church! I asked
the wife if she has seen a big difference since she has come back to
church & she just started to tear up talking saying how much the
gospel has blessed her. I asked her if her family is active & she said
they weren't & then she said, "I just wish my mom could live my life
for one day & see how happy I am" & that just really hit me. How this
cute couple was able to fully use the Atonement to change their entire
lives! I thought of the quote by President Hunter that says, "Any time
we experience the blessings of the Atonement in our lives, we cannot
help but have a concern for the welfare of others. … A great indicator
of one’s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with
How we can all change through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, & when we
do have that change our desire to share the gospel with others
increases. This family was just a perfect example to me & their story
really touched me.

I am just so grateful for the people I've met here & the lessons I've
learned from them. I can't believe how fast time is flying!! Tomorrow
we have zone conference with Elder Lawrence from the quorum of the 70
so that should be pretty good. I'm excited. Well I hope you all have a
lovely week & remember to be using the Atonement daily. Jesus Christ
has given His life for us to use that strengthening, healing power of
the Atonement. So I hope you're all using it to become better people:)
& are looking for opportunities to share it with others.

I love you all! Have a great week. CTR❤️

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Oh ps I learned how to us a lasso this week hahaha! Seriously people
here are legit Cowboys. (Sorry videos wont attach)

Weekly Email - June 13th - For the Family is of God

Hey family & friends,

This week has been such a crazy one. So my sweet companion Sister
Morales headed home today. It was a huge shock to me & her. But it was
where the Lord needed her right now. I'm going to miss her so much!
She is such a sweet heart & I learned so much from her in these 3
short weeks. She's is literally one of the strongest most humble
people I've ever met. I'm really going to miss her.

This past Saturday we were able to take our cute investigator, Jana,
on a temple tour! She loved it!! She is so excited for her baptism.
Jana is married to a less active member, but he isn't really involved
with the church right now & im just blown away at how prepared Jana
is! She is waking up by herself for 8:30 church & reading her
scriptures & is just such an incredible example to me. There are some
strong people in this world! I'm also just so grateful that we have
temples on this earth. During the temple tour they talked about the
restoration of the gospel & how blessed we are to have that priesthood
power on the earth so we can be sealed to our families. During the
temple tour you watch a short video of Elder Holland speaking about
his family, he said (me some what paraphrasing), "I can't imagine
heaven without my family. That would not be heaven for me" & I've been
thinking about that all weekend. How much I love my family & how
incredible it is that we are able to be with each other forever.
Preach my gospel says, "the family is the most important social unit
in time & eternity" I love the concept of families & how Heavenly
Father has placed us into these units to help each other learn & grow.
Like the primary song says, "God gave us families, to help us become
what he wants us to be." One of the very first things we teach as
missionaries is, "the gospel blessed families" & that is my favorite
thing to share with people because I've seen how much the gospel has
blessed my family & that's why I decided to come on a mission to help
others have those same blessings. I have such a strong testimony that
our families can be together forever because of our loving Savior
Jesus Christ.

My new companions name is Sister Lillie! She's from Canada & has been
out for about 8 months. She was trained by Sis Hickman. So I'm excited
to work with for at least these next 3 weeks of the transfer. She's my
13th companion. Hahaha seriously the Lord knows I need to learn a lot
from a lot of different companions I guess!

Also, huge happy 16th birthday shout out to McKay!!!! Don't follow
taylors example of how to drive;) hehe love you.

I hope you all have a wonderful week & give your families big hugs &
realize how blessed you are to have a family! CTR!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Weekly Email - June 6th - Summer!!

Hey everybody!

Summer is here & it's so hot up here in California! But I'm super
blessed not to be on full time bike right now sooo I can't even

This week has been real good! We were able to have some incredible
lessons. We met with a part member family this week-the Linns. I guess
they're always super busy & missionaries have been trying to meet with
them for a while & we finally caught them. We sat down & talked to
them about how God is our loving Heavenly Father & the spirit was so
strong in their home. We asked the dad (the member) why he hadn't been
to church in ages because his whole extended family is still real
active & he just said he hasn't been in so long that he's scared to go
back. That is a huge thing I've learned on my mission-so many less
actives are honestly just scared to go back to church! It's our
responsibility as members to reach out to these people. I also have
the biggest testimony of the importance of visiting & home teaching.
Even if the people who you are assigned to visit/home teach don't want
you going you should still go!!! Or reach out to them somehow. & not
to just check it off your list, but because you love your Heavenly
Father & His children.

Our investigator Jana made it to church for the first time this week!!
Ah we were so happy:) she was so nervous, but she loved it! She's on
date to be baptized in August, which sounds like forever away but hey
I'm not complaining :)

Things are going well here! I hope you're all doing well & are making
good choices!

Also shout out to Bonnie for getting married!!

Love you all!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

May 30th - Weekly Email - Mountain Man

Hi everyone!

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Seriously I'm so proud of you:) all those years
of countless baseball tournaments finally payed off ha!

Anyway this week has been really good! So I'm serving a little town
called "Rescue" it is SO RURUAL. Basically everyone lives on 5+ acres
of land. The people here are straight up mountain men. You know how
you hear of those mountain people with beards & never wear shirts &
play the banjo on their porch in a rocking chair out in the middle of
no where while drinking beer? Yeah that's exactly how it is here!!
They all have horses & pigs & goats haha it's crazy. We drive a cute
little jeep up here & everything is just so spread out. But I
absolutely love it!! It's gorgeous & people are so kind.

We have some super sweet investigators who are all doing awesome! We
had kinda a rough week because basically all of our investigators were
outta town for memorial weekend, but they all come home this week

My companion, Sis Morales, is one of the sweetest people! We get along
really well & im just so grateful to be here. She doesn't have a bad
bone in her body. I love her!

This week I've been thinking a ton about how amazing it is that we
have the opportunity to bear testimony of Christ everyday. Today I
read 2 Nephi 25:26 "And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we
preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our
prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look
for a remission of their sins."  & how grateful I am to testify of my
savior Jesus Christ! Also so glad that I live in America. I've been
thinking about that all day since its Memorial Day & I'm so grateful
for the people who have laid down their lives on our behalf that we
have religious freedoms & that I'm able to be out here sharing the
Gospel with people. I hope you all know how blessed we are to be
living in this beautiful country! I love America. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week & remember to be an
example of Jesus Christ in all that you do.

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Sorry no pics

Weekly Email May 24th - El Dorado!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!

TO HOUSTON TX! Seriously so excited for you. Also congrats on
graduating highschool ;)

Soo I got transferred to the El Dorado Zone! Okay so I've wanted to
serve here my whole mission & I get to finish here! I'm so happy :)

Basically El Dorado is out in the middle of no where in the mountains!
We live on a horse ranch haha! It is so beautiful here! & we get to
drive a jeep. My new companion is Sister Morales! She's from Georgia.
She's been a member for less than 2 years & she's super sweet.

Okay I was a little bit sad to be leaving my LC5 Ward. We had the most
incredible lesson with Jose my last night there. I was able to bear my
testimony to him & it was just an incredible experience. He has been
one of coolest people to teach & I know he will get baptized!

I was so sad to be leaving the sisters in my apartment :( we got super close.

Anyway things are goin good! I really don't have a lot of time to
email today so sorry this is short & lame!! Keep reading your
scriptures & CTR!

Love Sister Sobotka.

May 16th - Weekly E-Mail

Oh hey everyone!

Okay this week has been so good!!

I've received the best news ever this week! That 3 of the people I've
taught in my past areas are all getting baptized this month!!! I'm
literally so excited. So the first one I heard about was Susan! She's
the lady I taught in Rancho Cordova a few months ago with Sister
Hickman:) she's on date to be baptized on the 21st.

Then later this week I heard he most amazing news that Jack, this
little boy from my first area in Carmichael is getting baptized on May
28th! His mom is named Diana & she was a less active member when I
first met her in Carmichael. Sister Lavea & I worked really hard on
getting her family back to church & when I left Carmichael they were
active! Now her 10 year old son Jack is getting baptized!! I remember
a year ago when we gave him his first copy of The Book of Mormon:) ah
I'm just so happy for him.

Then on Friday I found out that a guy I street contacted a few months
ago is getting baptized in the YSA Ward! He told the YSA missionaries
that "sister Sobotka was so happy when she contacted me that I wanted
that same happiness" I was seriously so happy when I heard this news!!
It built my testimony of the importance of talking with everyone & the
importance of being happy!

Also I got 3 flat tires on my bike this week haaaaa!

But life is good. I love being here. Everyone have a great week & read
your scriptures!

1. I lost a bet & had to wear this dress to district meeting hahaha
2. Sister Koyle finished her 12 week training
3. The sisters
4. Flat tire number 3

Monday, May 9, 2016

Press Forward

Hey everyone!!

Happy Late Mother's Day. I hope all of you lovely Moms had a great day
and know how much your kids appreciate you all!  Elder Holland said it
best, "To all Mothers in every circumstance, including those who
struggle--and all will--I say, “Be peaceful. Believe in God and
yourself. You are doing better than you think you are."

This week has been good! To be honest, there's not a lot going on
right now hahah it's been kinda a rough week, but I'll share a
funny/sad moment with you all:

One day this week Sister Koyle and I were biking out in the rain, it
had just been a really rough morning. We tried to see one of our
investigators, we biked by her house and she saw us & literally ran
inside to hide from us!! We were so upset. I tried to stay positive,
because I could tell Sister Koyle was really hurt. We read the "No
effort is wasted" section in Preach My Gospel and tried to continue on
our day. We kept biking and talking to everyone, we met some pretty
contentious people! Nobody wanted to talk with us. By this point I was
starting to get a little bit sad, but I didn't want Sister Koyle to
know! I don't like people knowing when I'm sad, haha! I felt like our
area was falling apart and I couldn't understand why. Nobody wanted to
talk to us! It was pouring rain and we were biking! I kept praying in
my heart that something would work out. We kept biking, then Sister
Koyle hit a curb wrong and wrecked!!  She just started to cry, not
because she was injured but because it had been a rough day. I got off
my bike and started to cry too. I sat with her on the side of the road.
2 sister missionaries sitting on a puddle on the side of the road in
the pouring rain- it was a pretty pathetic sight to say the least
hahaha. We couldn't help but laugh with tears in our eyes at how awful
the day had been. We looked up as a car drove past that had a bumper
sticker that said, "Smile, God loves you" we both started to laugh and I
thought how God definitely has a sense of humor. We hopped back on our
bikes and kept going. I learned a lot during this day! How now matter
what happens, God is always with us and to just smile because our
Heavenly Father loves us, when the bike knocks you down on the wet
pavement you just got hop back on and keep going! We were able to find a
new investigator that day, we were able to push through the trials of
the day! It felt good. To lay in bed at the end of the day and say "I
pushed through." I thought of the scripture, 2 Nephi 31:20 "Ye must
press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect
brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men..." and how we MUST
press forward and keep going!  To continue to love God and all of His

Haha anyway it was so good to talk to the family:) so grateful God put
us into families, i’m just so blessed. Anyway keep choosing the right
& reading your scriptures❤️

Love always,
Sis Sobotka

1. Skype call
2. Elvis is in the building
3. My cutie companion
4. This huge tree!!!!



Acts of Mercy (May 2, 2016)

Hey everyone!

This week was full of service and it was tons of fun, such an amazing
opportunity! For the past 3 or so months the Sacramento Stake has been
organizing this huge service project for refugees in the area. They
called it the "Acts of Mercy Project". They've been collecting all
kinds of items that people might need. On Saturday all the
missionaries in our zone got to help pick up all of the stuff, we then
drove to North Sac and a bunch of missionaries from other zones
helped organize it all. It was amazing!! The Stake President in the
Sacramento Stake is amazing! He always has these projects to help
people get more involved. Also fun fact- The Sacramento Stake is the
most diverse stake in the United States!! There is a Chinese branch,
Marshallese branch, Tongan Ward, Spanish Branch, Fijian unit, Hmong
unit, ASL Unit, and 7 English wards all in one stake!

Also, I went on exchanges this week to the Spanish branch! It was
so much fun! I went with Hermana Torres. She is such a sweet heart &
she's just hilarious! It was so much fun. We went to a Spanish lesson
and of course I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I did know
she was teaching the Restoration and I knew the moment she started
reciting the First Vision. The spirit was so strong and I just started
to cry! Even though I don't know any Spanish at all. I've been
thinking about that experience all week. That even though I couldn't
tell what she was saying, the spirit was still able to confirm to me
that what she was saying was true! It helped build my testimony that
the church is true and how amazing the spirit is!! That its able to work
through all languages even if you don't understand, you can still feel
the spirit!

We also helped our favorite less active member sis Mackay dig sprinkler
holes!! Hahah Dad- you are going to be so proud of the yard skills
I've gained on my mission! I've learned how to fix a broken sprinkler
pipe and I learned how to properly use an axe all in 1 day! Hahaha what
a blessing.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and that was awesome as
usual. I've just been thinking a lot about the song “Scripture Power"
and the line that says, "Because I want the power His word will give to
me, I’m changing how I live, I’m changing what I’ll be." and how I've
just seen how much that line has become relevant to me on my mission!
Once again closing my email about how grateful I am to be a missionary
& to be able to study The Book of Mormon without distractions (aka
cell phone) hahah

Anyway I love you all. Thanks for all the love & support you give me:)
have the best week & read your scriptures & say your prayers!! CTR

Love always,
sister Sobotka



Monday, April 25, 2016

The Church is Ture, The Book is Blue

Hello Everyone!

This week has been full of trying to find people to teach! Woohoo!
Haha well remember the couple I talked about last week? We had the
lesson all set up & everything was ready, we had this other active
couple going to the lesson with us & everything was going to be
perfect. Then we got a text from Charity (the less active member)
cancelling on us! I was so upset. Anyway we've been trying to get in
contact with her but they've been super "busy"

Since I've been on my mission I've come to really dislike the word
"busy" people are always "too busy". There is a quote hanging in the
relief society room of the church building I go to right now that
says, "if you are too busy to read your scriptures, pray, or go to
church you are way busier than God ever intended you to be" ain't that
the truth? I know people have other obligations & lives & all that,
but shouldn't Heavenly Father be our first priority?

Anyway one day we were biking down the street this week & we street
contacted this guy who wasn't interested at all, but was super kind &
gave us Popsicle's so that was nice. We also got this referral from
other missionaries this week for a cute old couple. We knocked on
their door & this super sweet old lady answered with "well hello
beautiful wonderful messengers of God" I almost fell over because I
don't think anyone has ever said anything that nice to 2 random
missionaries standing at their door! She invited us right in & poured
us ice cold water & gave us cheese & crackers on these fancy China
plates. She was treating us like celebrities I was so excited! Anyway
we started talking to her & her husband about their religious
background, both Catholic, but both have relatives that are extremely
active LDS members, they have been to primary programs & baptisms &
even the Sacramento temple open house, but they weren't interested in
the slightest:( but I had a copy of The Book of Mormon with me that
had a testimony written in there from a 5 year old girl named Mandy.
It was the sweetest thing. It said "I know the Book of Mormon is true
& helps me everyday. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen" even though it
was super simple & written in crayon, It really touched my heart. I
loved the simplicity of that testimony. & how I also know The Book of
Mormon is true & it helps me everyday! I've been able to read The Book
of Mormon multiple times while I've been on my mission & have been
able to testify of its truthfulness almost everyday. It is such a
blessing to have this book of scripture here in our day. I was able to
bear my humble testimony to them & to leave them with that copy.

We got to go to the temple this week & do an endowment session & it
was the biggest tender mercy. I am so grateful to have a temple in my
mission! It has been such a blessing.

The rest of the week went well! The Laguna Creek 5th ward has the most
amazing members who take such good care of us missionaries & each
other. I really think another reason why Heavenly Father wanted me to
go on a mission is so I could learn from the members of the wards
where I have served. I have been so amazed & touched by the members
examples of charity & love toward the people around them & it's helped
me learn how to be a better member when I get home. I know I say this
in almost every email but I love being a missionary so much. It has
truly been the most amazing experience & I've learned lessons here in
Sacramento that I would've never learned if I was still in Provo going
to school. I have truly been so blessed to be here.

I hope you all have a great week & aren't "too busy" to take the time
to do the important things! CTR❤️

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

1. Apartment 280 sisters
2. Members in our ward know how much I love hot pockets so they buy
them for me every time they go to Costco :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

243 Cancelled Appointments

Hello family & friends!

So it's been a lovely week here in Sac. It's been different now that
we only cover 1 Ward! But it's been good, I missed my 5th ward
friends. So we have been biking all over the place & talking to
literally everyone! It feels good! We had like 243 cancelled
appointments this week so that was kinda disappointing & we started to
get down on ourselves, but we kept prayin that we would be happy &
enthusiastic haha so we just choose to make the long days of biking

On Saturday we had the biggest miracle! It had been a full day of
biking in the heat & we were about to go home for the night, but I had
a feeling that we should visit this couple we've been trying to see
for about 2 months. They just moved here from Reno & the wife is a
less active member, & the husband isn't a member. We had met them once
briefly at the door before. So we knocked & they happened to be home!
They started talking with us forever & they're just the sweetest
people. They told us about how they were raised & the husband said he
had been raised Catholic, but doesn't really go & I asked him if had
ever been to an LDS church before & the wife started laughing & said,
"no he's too scared!" Then he started laughing & said, "I am not
scared!" Then I said, (kinda joking, but mostly serious) "okay so we
will see you at church tomorrow?" & he said "yes! I'll be there" I was
shocked. Hahaha so then we were just super pumped! Then he started
asking us all these questions about life after death & I explained
that we teach a whole lesson about God's plan for us & he set up his
own appointment & said, "can you come over Thursday & teach it to us?"
I was just literally so excited!! They came to church yesterday &
loved it:) the Ward did an AMAZING job at welcoming them in & ah I'm
just so excited!

We got a new sister in the apartment. Sister Brown from Holliday Utah!
She went to the same Highschool as my roommate from BYU, Sarah Pugsley
& did cheer with her! Super weird huh? She's way cute & it's been fun
havin another sister here!

Anyway things are good here. I love the church. I love being a
missionary. Have a wonderful week! CTR

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

South Sac Biking

Hi family & friends,

Woohoo transfer week! So yeah I'm stayin here in Laguna Creek 5th ward
with Sister Koyle. Sister Christoffersen is staying in our apartment
but she's getting brand new comp, so she's training too!

This week was really good! We were able to bike, one day it was super
hot and we decided to bike out to South Sacramento which takes like 45
minutes haha it was such a hot long ride, but it was totally worth it!
We were able to meet some pretty cool people out in South Sac. It's
like super ghetto down there, but hey the people are humble.

This past Sunday was such a great one! It was fast and testimony meeting
which I always love. In the 2nd Ward we had a less active member come
that we have been working with for quite sometime! She was so happy to
be there! During the middle of the meeting she leaned over to me & was
talking about her own testimony & I said "well you should go bear it!"
& she said, "are you daring me to bear my testimony?" & I said "yes!"
So she went right up! & the first thing she said was, "I only came up
here because Sister Sobotka triple dog dared me" hahaha but she bore
such a powerful testimony. Ah it was so awesome.

We moved Sis Christoffersens bunk bed into our room so her new trainee
can stay in our room with us, it basically took us 3 hours to
dis-assemble that dumb bunk bed.

Things are still goin here in Sacramento. Crazy I only have 3
transfers left! We got 3 new investigators this week & they're all
super sweet. So yeah things are goin well! Tons of tender mercies &
miracles :)

Have a great week & choose the right!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Hermana Stevens & I-she's one of my mission besties
South Sac Zone!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Fools

Hi everyone!

It has been another lovely week in the Cal Sac mission. I think I say
this like every week, but the weather here is so perfect right now! I
love being out & biking:)

So, Sister Christoffersen has been super sick this week. So that's been
pretty sad. One day she was just not feeling well at all so another
sister came and stayed with her in our apartment while sister Koyle and I got
to go out and bike all day! It was such a good day!! We were able to add
a new investigator and have a lesson with Jose! Jose is still
progressing, he's just a super busy guy! He's just got a lot of
stuff going on right now.

On Aprils fools day we went to a members house for dinner and we then
had dessert and she brought out tapioca pudding for dessert & let
me just tell you, I hate tapioca pudding!! But I ate it because that's
what you have to do when you're a missionary haha the third bite in,
I tasted something super nasty! I was like uhh what the heck! But I
kept chewing and it tasted like a paper towel, I was like "well I guess
I'll be nice and just swallow it!" Hahha I didn't know what else to do.
Then 2 minutes later I look over at sister Koyle & she's pulling
a nasty thing out of her mouth and I was like what the heck is that?
The member we were eating with yells "April fools, I put cotton balls
in your pudding!"  I was like "I ate mine!!!" everyone started
laughing so hard. So yeah that was embarrassing!

I seriously have no time to email so sorry this is so lame, but I hope
you all enjoyed general conference!!! It was the best. During the
first session during the closing prayer as the man who said the
closing prayer blessed the missionaries I started to cry! It was my
last time general conference as a full time missionary. I am just so
grateful to be a missionary!!! ❤️

Oh also I got to go to Coloma today with all the missionaries who go
home in July & August & it was one of the funnest days of my mission!!
So yeah life is going good.

Have a great week & CTR!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter

Hey Everybody :)


So it has been such a great week. It seriously flew by! The weather
here has been perfect & we've just been enjoying our time biking:)

We had the biggest miracle this week! So last Sunday we had some
investigators come to church & the sacrament meeting speakers did not
do the best job...haha it was basically an advertisement on & I don't think there was an ounce of doctrine spoken
over the pulpit. So we were kinda like "well our investigators are
probz never coming to church again" (I know we are such doubting
Thomas's) and we went by and visited them this week & they just said how
much they loved church and how they felt the spirit!! & basically our
jaws all dropped to the floor. They ended up coming to church

We had the opportunity to watch the general woman's broadcast this
week & it was amazing as always. They really emphasized the importance
of serving others. I loved what Sister Esplin said, "When we reach out
with love and service, hearts soften and others can feel the love of the

Oh I forgot to say that we are over a Chinese group haha so we got to
go play badminton with the Chinese members! Shout out to Jarod
Ingersoll for teaching me all I know about badminton haha I totally
wrecked the Chinese people lol!

We are still teachin Jose! He had a death in the family this past week
so we were only able to meet with him for like 5 minutes at his door,
but he said he's been reading his Book of Mormon!!! Yay! He said he
has a lot of questions and we are meeting with him this week:)

This week everything kinda hit me that I only have 4 months left being
a missionary! Time is going by way too fast. I am just so grateful for
my mission and the experiences I've had here in Sacramento. I love the
people I've gotten to serve around and the people I've had the
opportunity to teach. Serving a mission was the best decision I've
ever made and i’m grateful for such supportive family & friends. This
week we've been able to talk to so many people about our Savior, Jesus
Christ, to testify that He lives! My relationship with Jesus Christ
has grown so much in these past 14 months. I just love having the
opportunity to bear testimony of Him to literally everyone I meet.
What a privilege it is:)

I hope you all have an amazing week & ALWAYS remember Jesus Christ &
the things He's done for you. CTR❤️ enjoy conference!!!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ants in my Pants!

Hey everybody!

Okay this week so many crazy things have happened!!

So Tuesday morning we got up and found a billion ants in our room!! It
was disgusting! So we had a bit of a teenage girl freak out and screamed
& called the apartment office, but unfortunately the office only
sprays for bugs on Mondays!! That wasn't for 6 more days. So we got
permission to go buy ant spray and had to empty our whole room and spray
it down. It took forever! But we finally killed the ants. You'd think
I was serving in a third world country;) haha just kidding.

On Wednesday we had to take our car to the shop which is super far out
of our area because our "check engine" light came on. So we finally
made it to the shop and the guys told us that it would take 6 hours for
an engine diagnostic! So that we should come back the next day. So we
came back the next day and they said they needed to keep our car over
night!! So we had no ride back to our area so we started walking &
walking & walking. We were about 30 miles away from our area! We
called some members to try and pick us up but no one answered, then we
finally got a hold of some Spanish sister missionaries and they rescued
us haha!

The next day we got a call from the car shop letting us know our car
was ready to pick up...we asked what the heck was wrong with our car and
they said "oh the gas cap wasn't tightened all the way" hahahaha
Sooo yeah we had to leave our car there for 30 hours and pay $95 to tell
us to tighten our gas lid...also yeah that was totally my fault so I'm
actually super embarrassed about that hahaha.

Then on Thursday, nothing exciting happened I don't think.

On Friday I got to have dinner with Sister Hickman (aka Genny)!!! It
was seriously Sooo good to see her. It made me miss her a ton, but I
got to meet her sweet mother.  It was so good to catch up with her!
She brought me an Oklahoma shirt so basically I'm a huge OU fan now
Lolol jk!;)

We had a way cool experience with this less active lady this past
week, she hadn't been to church in like 40 years, we just happened
to stop by and her mom was there who is really sick and she just happened
to ask for a priesthood blessing so we were able to call our ward
mission leader and he went over and gave her a blessing and invited them to
the Easter program that's happening in our stake and they said they
would go! That was way cool that Heavenly Father lead us to go to
her house on that night.

To be completely honest it's been such a crazy week and not a lot of
cool missionary experiences happened haha but, I have been loving
my mission lately. I can't believe how fast time is going by. The
other day we were driving to the car shop and I was just thinking about
how privileged I am to be serving the Lord, to have such supportive
family & friends. I'm so blessed and I'm so grateful for my mission &
the experiences I'm having. I know I wouldn't have been able to learn
the lessons I've learned here if I didn't decide to serve a mission. I
know this church is true & my testimony has grown so much while I've
been here. I love my Heavenly Father & His Son, Jesus Christ. & I love
being a missionary!!!!

Have a great week & CTR!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

1. Us at the park doing studies
2. My fav hickmans :)
3. We helped our fav less active member Sis Mackay in her garden & she
gave us these flowers to take home! Cute huh?
4. We played that pie in the face game with Sis Mackay
5. The First 12 Weeks
6. Sister Hickman came to visit