Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Email - June 13th - For the Family is of God

Hey family & friends,

This week has been such a crazy one. So my sweet companion Sister
Morales headed home today. It was a huge shock to me & her. But it was
where the Lord needed her right now. I'm going to miss her so much!
She is such a sweet heart & I learned so much from her in these 3
short weeks. She's is literally one of the strongest most humble
people I've ever met. I'm really going to miss her.

This past Saturday we were able to take our cute investigator, Jana,
on a temple tour! She loved it!! She is so excited for her baptism.
Jana is married to a less active member, but he isn't really involved
with the church right now & im just blown away at how prepared Jana
is! She is waking up by herself for 8:30 church & reading her
scriptures & is just such an incredible example to me. There are some
strong people in this world! I'm also just so grateful that we have
temples on this earth. During the temple tour they talked about the
restoration of the gospel & how blessed we are to have that priesthood
power on the earth so we can be sealed to our families. During the
temple tour you watch a short video of Elder Holland speaking about
his family, he said (me some what paraphrasing), "I can't imagine
heaven without my family. That would not be heaven for me" & I've been
thinking about that all weekend. How much I love my family & how
incredible it is that we are able to be with each other forever.
Preach my gospel says, "the family is the most important social unit
in time & eternity" I love the concept of families & how Heavenly
Father has placed us into these units to help each other learn & grow.
Like the primary song says, "God gave us families, to help us become
what he wants us to be." One of the very first things we teach as
missionaries is, "the gospel blessed families" & that is my favorite
thing to share with people because I've seen how much the gospel has
blessed my family & that's why I decided to come on a mission to help
others have those same blessings. I have such a strong testimony that
our families can be together forever because of our loving Savior
Jesus Christ.

My new companions name is Sister Lillie! She's from Canada & has been
out for about 8 months. She was trained by Sis Hickman. So I'm excited
to work with for at least these next 3 weeks of the transfer. She's my
13th companion. Hahaha seriously the Lord knows I need to learn a lot
from a lot of different companions I guess!

Also, huge happy 16th birthday shout out to McKay!!!! Don't follow
taylors example of how to drive;) hehe love you.

I hope you all have a wonderful week & give your families big hugs &
realize how blessed you are to have a family! CTR!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

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