Friday, July 29, 2016

May 16th - Weekly E-Mail

Oh hey everyone!

Okay this week has been so good!!

I've received the best news ever this week! That 3 of the people I've
taught in my past areas are all getting baptized this month!!! I'm
literally so excited. So the first one I heard about was Susan! She's
the lady I taught in Rancho Cordova a few months ago with Sister
Hickman:) she's on date to be baptized on the 21st.

Then later this week I heard he most amazing news that Jack, this
little boy from my first area in Carmichael is getting baptized on May
28th! His mom is named Diana & she was a less active member when I
first met her in Carmichael. Sister Lavea & I worked really hard on
getting her family back to church & when I left Carmichael they were
active! Now her 10 year old son Jack is getting baptized!! I remember
a year ago when we gave him his first copy of The Book of Mormon:) ah
I'm just so happy for him.

Then on Friday I found out that a guy I street contacted a few months
ago is getting baptized in the YSA Ward! He told the YSA missionaries
that "sister Sobotka was so happy when she contacted me that I wanted
that same happiness" I was seriously so happy when I heard this news!!
It built my testimony of the importance of talking with everyone & the
importance of being happy!

Also I got 3 flat tires on my bike this week haaaaa!

But life is good. I love being here. Everyone have a great week & read
your scriptures!

1. I lost a bet & had to wear this dress to district meeting hahaha
2. Sister Koyle finished her 12 week training
3. The sisters
4. Flat tire number 3

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