Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter

Hey Everybody :)


So it has been such a great week. It seriously flew by! The weather
here has been perfect & we've just been enjoying our time biking:)

We had the biggest miracle this week! So last Sunday we had some
investigators come to church & the sacrament meeting speakers did not
do the best job...haha it was basically an advertisement on & I don't think there was an ounce of doctrine spoken
over the pulpit. So we were kinda like "well our investigators are
probz never coming to church again" (I know we are such doubting
Thomas's) and we went by and visited them this week & they just said how
much they loved church and how they felt the spirit!! & basically our
jaws all dropped to the floor. They ended up coming to church

We had the opportunity to watch the general woman's broadcast this
week & it was amazing as always. They really emphasized the importance
of serving others. I loved what Sister Esplin said, "When we reach out
with love and service, hearts soften and others can feel the love of the

Oh I forgot to say that we are over a Chinese group haha so we got to
go play badminton with the Chinese members! Shout out to Jarod
Ingersoll for teaching me all I know about badminton haha I totally
wrecked the Chinese people lol!

We are still teachin Jose! He had a death in the family this past week
so we were only able to meet with him for like 5 minutes at his door,
but he said he's been reading his Book of Mormon!!! Yay! He said he
has a lot of questions and we are meeting with him this week:)

This week everything kinda hit me that I only have 4 months left being
a missionary! Time is going by way too fast. I am just so grateful for
my mission and the experiences I've had here in Sacramento. I love the
people I've gotten to serve around and the people I've had the
opportunity to teach. Serving a mission was the best decision I've
ever made and i’m grateful for such supportive family & friends. This
week we've been able to talk to so many people about our Savior, Jesus
Christ, to testify that He lives! My relationship with Jesus Christ
has grown so much in these past 14 months. I just love having the
opportunity to bear testimony of Him to literally everyone I meet.
What a privilege it is:)

I hope you all have an amazing week & ALWAYS remember Jesus Christ &
the things He's done for you. CTR❤️ enjoy conference!!!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

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