Tuesday, April 19, 2016

243 Cancelled Appointments

Hello family & friends!

So it's been a lovely week here in Sac. It's been different now that
we only cover 1 Ward! But it's been good, I missed my 5th ward
friends. So we have been biking all over the place & talking to
literally everyone! It feels good! We had like 243 cancelled
appointments this week so that was kinda disappointing & we started to
get down on ourselves, but we kept prayin that we would be happy &
enthusiastic haha so we just choose to make the long days of biking

On Saturday we had the biggest miracle! It had been a full day of
biking in the heat & we were about to go home for the night, but I had
a feeling that we should visit this couple we've been trying to see
for about 2 months. They just moved here from Reno & the wife is a
less active member, & the husband isn't a member. We had met them once
briefly at the door before. So we knocked & they happened to be home!
They started talking with us forever & they're just the sweetest
people. They told us about how they were raised & the husband said he
had been raised Catholic, but doesn't really go & I asked him if had
ever been to an LDS church before & the wife started laughing & said,
"no he's too scared!" Then he started laughing & said, "I am not
scared!" Then I said, (kinda joking, but mostly serious) "okay so we
will see you at church tomorrow?" & he said "yes! I'll be there" I was
shocked. Hahaha so then we were just super pumped! Then he started
asking us all these questions about life after death & I explained
that we teach a whole lesson about God's plan for us & he set up his
own appointment & said, "can you come over Thursday & teach it to us?"
I was just literally so excited!! They came to church yesterday &
loved it:) the Ward did an AMAZING job at welcoming them in & ah I'm
just so excited!

We got a new sister in the apartment. Sister Brown from Holliday Utah!
She went to the same Highschool as my roommate from BYU, Sarah Pugsley
& did cheer with her! Super weird huh? She's way cute & it's been fun
havin another sister here!

Anyway things are good here. I love the church. I love being a
missionary. Have a wonderful week! CTR

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

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