Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Email - July 25th - Mouse in the House of the Lord!

Hey everybody!

I've had several moments this week where we will be in the middle of
teaching a lesson & I just start to tear up about how sad I am that
this is almost over. I absolutely love my mission with all of my heart
& I can't even explain how much I've learned or how much this
experience means to me.

Anyway, I'll talk about the funny stuff that happened first! So
yesterday at church sacrament meeting had just started, but a mouse
ran through the chapel & everyone freaked out!! (Including me) Hahaha
so some men of the Ward started chasing it around, but they could not
grab it. So we kinda put the whole meeting on pause to try & catch the
mouse, haha it ran out into the foyer into the couch! So 2 men picked
up the couch & carried it outside Hahahah. So yeah that was crazy!

So we started teaching that couple that came to church last week! &
they are just so sincere & so ready to learn! We had an incredible
lesson with them & Melody asked me if I was homesick & ready to go
home & I just started to cry telling her how much I'm gonna miss this.
How amazing it's been!! Ah so grateful to be out here.

Grateful for Pioneer Day & man every time I think of the pioneers I'm
just amazed at the sacrifices they went through. We sang "Come Come Ye
saints" yesterday at church & the line "& if we die, before our
journeys through, all is well" has always just amazed me!! These
people put all their trust & hope in the Lord & are such heroes to me!

Anyway keepin it short this week 😘
Hope you all choose the right & are enjoying your summer! Hope the
family has so much fun at the Spanish Fork rodeo!!! Take some cute
pics for me:)
Sorry this email is all over the place!!

Love always,
Sis Sobotka

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