Monday, May 9, 2016

Acts of Mercy (May 2, 2016)

Hey everyone!

This week was full of service and it was tons of fun, such an amazing
opportunity! For the past 3 or so months the Sacramento Stake has been
organizing this huge service project for refugees in the area. They
called it the "Acts of Mercy Project". They've been collecting all
kinds of items that people might need. On Saturday all the
missionaries in our zone got to help pick up all of the stuff, we then
drove to North Sac and a bunch of missionaries from other zones
helped organize it all. It was amazing!! The Stake President in the
Sacramento Stake is amazing! He always has these projects to help
people get more involved. Also fun fact- The Sacramento Stake is the
most diverse stake in the United States!! There is a Chinese branch,
Marshallese branch, Tongan Ward, Spanish Branch, Fijian unit, Hmong
unit, ASL Unit, and 7 English wards all in one stake!

Also, I went on exchanges this week to the Spanish branch! It was
so much fun! I went with Hermana Torres. She is such a sweet heart &
she's just hilarious! It was so much fun. We went to a Spanish lesson
and of course I had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I did know
she was teaching the Restoration and I knew the moment she started
reciting the First Vision. The spirit was so strong and I just started
to cry! Even though I don't know any Spanish at all. I've been
thinking about that experience all week. That even though I couldn't
tell what she was saying, the spirit was still able to confirm to me
that what she was saying was true! It helped build my testimony that
the church is true and how amazing the spirit is!! That its able to work
through all languages even if you don't understand, you can still feel
the spirit!

We also helped our favorite less active member sis Mackay dig sprinkler
holes!! Hahah Dad- you are going to be so proud of the yard skills
I've gained on my mission! I've learned how to fix a broken sprinkler
pipe and I learned how to properly use an axe all in 1 day! Hahaha what
a blessing.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and that was awesome as
usual. I've just been thinking a lot about the song “Scripture Power"
and the line that says, "Because I want the power His word will give to
me, I’m changing how I live, I’m changing what I’ll be." and how I've
just seen how much that line has become relevant to me on my mission!
Once again closing my email about how grateful I am to be a missionary
& to be able to study The Book of Mormon without distractions (aka
cell phone) hahah

Anyway I love you all. Thanks for all the love & support you give me:)
have the best week & read your scriptures & say your prayers!! CTR

Love always,
sister Sobotka



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