Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Email - June 27th - The Gathering of Israel

Hey everyone!

So this email is gonna be short...

Well last Tuesday we had zone conference with Elder Lawrence from the
70 (he gave the famous talk "what lack I yet" in General conference) &
his sweet wife. She spoke to us first for a few hours & on this deep
doctrine stuff like the gathering of Israel & the Gentiles & basically
my mind was just blown to all this doctrine I never understood haha.
It was really cool! He spoke to us about sacrifice & it was amazing.
It was my last zone conference so that was sad, but apparently our
mission is just doing really well! It's way cool to see the changes in
the mission over these past months:)

We had a super cool experience on Saturday night, we pulled up at the
gas station & this guy came up to us & asked us if our car broke down,
lol we told him no. But invited him to church & he totally came
yesterday!! So yeah that was such a cool miracle. Hopefully we will
teach him this week!

Anyway this email is kinda lame! Hope you all choose the right & read
your scriptures this week!!

Love always,
Sis Sobotka

This is the scariest picture on my family history line Hahahah
Our Ward mission leader (bro Bair & his sons washed our car for zone conf)

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