Monday, March 2, 2015

One Month Down

1 month down!!!

This week has been so great! There is nothing like getting on the bike with the wind blowing through your helmet!

This week we found out that Elder Bednar will be coming to speak to our mission on March 13!!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT??  We are all super pumped!  My companion Sister Lavea is such an amazing singer and got asked to sing a duet with another sister for Elder Bednar!   She has had practices this week! They will be singing, "I know that my redeemer lives" this has always been one of my favorite hymns. I love listening to that song even if it is on repeat in our car 24-7.

On Friday, we went over to this less active members house, she prefers to go by "Dreamer" hahaha don't ask me why. Anyway she claims to be an animal whisperer. She has 4 snakes, and she lets them just roam around her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that the scariest thing you have ever heard? she lives in a small apartment and there are just snakes on the floor. When the snakes shed, she keeps their skin and hangs it on the wall! LIKE WHAT? and she has 5 giant 65 gallon fish tanks all around her house loaded with fish! It was the craziest house i have ever been in! And she had a box of live mice that she would use to feed the snakes! Ahhh it was the weirdest thing, but she is such a nice lady! She even pulled out her tap shoes and did a 30 minute tap dance for us! hahaha so interesting hahaha but we had KFC and taught her a lesson:)

On Saturday we ran out of miles for our car and so we had to bike everywhere!  My back wheel on my bike got stolen:(  right out of the Mcdonalds Parking lot:(  How sad is that?  There are a ton of homeless people who hang at McDonalds so hopefully whoever has it now puts it to good use. I was kinda happy when I saw that my wheel had been stolen because I thought that we would get to be in the car full time, but nope, Heavenly Father definitely wants me on a bike because there happened to be a spare bike at the mission office! dang.

We have been teaching these less active people this past week. Molly, Will, and Diana. They have all been baptized and haven't been to church in over 7 years! Molly told us she hates when the missionaries come over, but she absolutely loves Sister Lavea and me!  Guess what Molly’s favorite food is??  PIZZA ROLLS!  She always feeds us pizza rolls over at her apartment:)  and guess what...THEY CAME TO CHURCH! and it was even 9am church! I was so happy to see them! We have been working really hard on them and going over any time we could and we have become really close with them. Since it was fast and testimony meeting I decided to bear my testimony and of course I started to cry, but it was so amazing to look out in the congregation and see people who are struggling and to know that I was being used as an instrument in the Lords hands to help people change.  Ah it was such a good feeling and such a great Sunday!

Well that's about all the crazy stuff that has happened this week! I hope you all have a great week and Choose The Right!

Sister Sobotka 


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