Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Transfer Day!

Wow I feel like I haven't emailed in years!
I made it through my first transfer!!! YEEEEAH!
So this past week we had the new missionary meeting for all the missionaries who came out with me! It was pretty good and we just talked about our experiences we have had in these past 6 weeks.

On Friday we had a special "Sisters Meeting" for all the sisters in our mission there is 60 Sisters in our mission and 200 Elders. But anyway at the sisters meeting we talked about not flirting with the elders hahah apparently there is a big problem with that!

On Friday night we had a  ward party! It was awesome!! So many members brought their non member friends and we got to meet a lot of people and a lot of less active members came as well. People will come to anything with free food lol, but its good:)

On Saturday we had this huge service project at a huge park in Carmichael. It was called "Park Day" and it was basically the whole city helping clean up this park and a giant BBQ! it was so much fun!! we got to meet and talk to a lot of different people about the gospel which is always super fun.

Every Saturday night there is a temple tour of just the outside of the Sacramento temple and people in the stake are called to do the tours and they just talk about the importance of the temple and what happens there. We invited Molly and Diana and it was really cool. The next night we went over to Molly's and she just started crying saying how thankful she was that we had been coming over to teach her. She said that she felt the spirit so strongly and that she knew how important the temple is. It is so amazing to see how much Molly and Diana and Will have been growing these past few weeks. Some days Sister Lavea and I get frustrated with them because they like to make fun of other people and they aren't always listening to what we are trying to teach, but on Sunday night when Molly was crying we realized that it's important to just keep teaching people even if they seem like they aren't listening. No effort is wasted.

Monday we had transfer calls, but since I am being trained I stay with Sister Lavea for 12 weeks. So I will be with her for another transfer in Carmichael :)

-Love Sister Sobotka

Letter Dated 3-24-15

Sister Sobotka, Molly and Sister Lavea

Sister Lavea, The Dreamer and Sister Sobotka

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