Monday, March 30, 2015

Because He Lives

This week seriously flew by!!! I can't believe it's already Preparation Day again!

This week the new Mormon Message, "Because He Lives" came out and we have just been showing that to everyone we can. It's a really good video so you all should watch it. It's cool that even though its only 2 minutes long you can feel the spirit so strong. My favorite part in the video is where it says something along the lines of, "no matter who you are or who you were, he is there for you" I love this Gospel because through the Atonement we can all change.

On Saturday morning the zone leaders texted us and asked if we wanted to play basketball at 5:30 am!! So the whole zone came and played basketball at the church office! It was really fun, my zone is pretty fun. During the day on Saturday we went to the CAL Expo Center in Sacramento for a service project, when we walked in I thought I recognized the place, then I realized it was where I went to the California State Fair when I was like 13 years old!! hahaha who would've thought that I would be back here 6 years later on a mission? Anyway we were at the CAL Expo Center from 12-6 helping homeless people get free dental work, we basically just had to babysit a bunch of homeless people, it was so much fun! We played charades with them and it was so much fun. There were 2 other zones of missionaries there so it was fun to be around other missionaries.

We had fast Sunday yesterday which is always super interesting, one lady got up to tell us she lost 2 pounds, so she knows the Church is true! hahahah and one guy in our ward always gets up to the pulpit and says how many baptisms the other wards have had that month and then looks at Sister Lavea and me and says, "BUT THE LA SIERRA WARD HAD NO BAPTISMS" which is super awkward.

Last night we went over to a members house for dinner, The Claysons, they are probably around 70 years old and we love them! They are so awesome. We showed them the new mormon message, and tried to explain what a hashtag was! Brother Clayson pulled out his phone and typed the # pound button in his dial pad like 30 times hahahaha yeah he didn't really understand the concept, but he yelled out, "Heck yeah I’m now a hashtagger!!" hahahaha it was pretty funny!

We ran out of miles this week…shocker, so we had to bike everywhere! Sometimes at the end of the day I want to chuck my bike over the edge of our apartment balcony. When I get home I never want to ride a bike again hahahah! But, other than that it was a really good week. We are trying to teach everyone we can, but most people aren't interested, or if they are interested they want to know if the church can give them money:( it’s sad.

Well I hope you all have a great week and have a good time listening to General Conference! Have a great Easter Sunday and remember that Jesus Christ lives today and he is there for us.

Sister Sobotka

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