Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Elder Bednar Visit

Ok so this week was my favorite week of the mission so far and this week flew by!!

I had my first bike crash!! hahahha I was just going so fast and took a turn way to fast and totally just skidded out (it was kinda sick) hahah but I didn't get too injured just some scratches on my legs but i was laughing so it was ok hahaha

On Tuesday we moved apartments and let me tell arms have never been so sore in my entire life. Moving killed me! But we got into our a new apartment and we like it better than the old one:) It rained on wednesday and we had to bike out there in the rain but it felt pretty good! And we needed rain because apparently there has been a big drought here.

I learned how to use a weed wacker!!! heck yeah. Dad you better be proud hahah i learned how to string it and everything, but my arms were SOO SORE!!! We weed wacked a whole cemetery and im pretty sure my arms were going to fall off by the end of the day. But we got some sweet protective glasses hahaha

Friday was one of the best days of my entire life. We drove to Elk Grove where we met all of the other missionaries in our mission and met in the gym of a church building and President Jardine lined us up to take a mission picture, and guess what! I GOT TO STAND NEXT TO DAVID A BEDNAR!!! we took a panaramic picture and it went so slow, it took like 10 minutes to take the picture and my face started twitching from smiling so hard (I really didn't even know that was possible) after that we all met in the chapel and had 3 hours with Elder Bednar. It  was basically like a big discussion, we could ask him any question and he would answer it. You could feel the spirit so strongly and everything he said was so amazing I really wish I could write everything he said down. Something that really stood out to me that Elder Bednar said was, "Not one person who is FEASTING upon the words of The Book Of Mormon EVERYDAY will fall away from the church" It is so important to be reading the book of mormon everyday and to really be feasting upon the words. He also talked about the scripture Ether 12:6 and there will be no witness until after the trial of your faith. He explained that often times we think of "trial of our faith" to be some huge trial like cancer or a death, but trials of our faith happen every single are we going to pray today? are we going to read our scriptures today? It is the simple obvious things we know we should do that are the trials of our faith. It was such an amazing meeting and I learned so much. It was such a great oppertunity to be sitting 15 feet away from an apostle of the Lord. When he bore his testimony you knew he was called of God. That he is an apostle, seer, and revalator called in these latter days. The whole meeting really strengthened my testimony. And at the end I GOT TO SHAKE ELDER BEDNAR's HAND! ahh it was so awesome. 

On Saturday night we went out to Denny's with Molly and Diana and it was so much fun. I love molly and diana they are so crazy, but we love going over there and teaching them more and more about the gospel:)

I am so happy I decided to serve a mission. It is definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life. This week was so amazing. 

Sister Sobotka 
Letter Dated 3-16-15

"The Colonel" Sister Sobotka and Sister Lavea

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