Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference

Ok wasn't General Conference so great??

I have a new appreciation for General Conference while being a missionary, its really cool to be with other missionaries going through the same things and watch conference together. I think one of my favorite talks was Elder Nielson, talking about just loving those who have fallen away! I think sometimes we try and push people too far, but it's so important to just love everyone and invite them to things and support them in anyway that you can!

Yeah all of the talks were so great and I am grateful for General Conference!!
Anyway, this week we had Zone training and aparently we are getting some little black box thing installed in all the mission cars to record us!!! hahha so we should get those installed soon. Not much happened this week...Im starting to realize that I’m in a really hard area, haha no one told me before because I am new and they didn't want to scare me! But it's really hard to find people to teach, and when we do find people all they want is money from the Church or they don't keep commitments :( but this week we are really going to focus on finding people!

My ward is super different from any Utah ward...hahah its basically a bunch of older people. There is 1 young woman and 3 young men! Our Ward is basically all apartments.

But over all it was a pretty good week:) I hope you all enjoyed Conference and if you didn't watch it, well it's still online so go check it out:) Love you all! Have a great week!!!

Sister Sobotka 

Sister Sobotka and Sister Lavea

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