Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Transfer Week

Hi Guys,

Transfers were this week & I am staying here in El Dorado Hills,
but I’m getting a new companion! Sister Starnes!!!! She's seriously the
cutest, sweetest thing!

So President Jardine changed how we do transfers. On Saturday night we receive
a call from the Zone Leaders & all they tell us is if we are staying
or leaving. So the Zone Leaders told me I would be staying & told Sis
Kauvaka she would be leaving! Then on Monday morning everyone who is
being transferred meets at the mission office and we sit in the chapel
& President Jardine pulls up our picture on a big screen & announces
who our new companion will be! Isn't that nerve racking?!!? But, this
transfer the AP's messed something up and accidentally sent out an
email on Sunday night to the whole mission & we found out who our
companions were going to be! Haha so by the time we all got to the
meeting on Monday everyone already knew what was happening. Hahaha!
It was really fun to be with all the other missionaries. Anyway it was
super sad to say goodbye to Sis Kauvaka :( she is such a great
missionary & helped me learn how to work hard!

I was so nervous about this transfer, but I got the cutest companion
ever!!!! Let me tell you about her. Her name is Sister Starnes &
she's from North Carolina! She's 22 & she's is this sweet little
southern girl. She says "ya'll" & is just your typical southern
sweetheart! Ah I wish you could all meet her:) we already get along so
well & I'm just super excited for this transfer!!

This past week has been really good. Dad, you're going to be super mad
at me because I already cracked my iPad screen:((( I know I'm the
worst!!!! So I set my iPad down in the back seat of the car & then put
my bag on top of it...then when we got home I got out of the car &
yanked my bag out & the iPad went flying across the drive way:'( (rt
if you cried) but don't worry it's just a small crack.

Also this week we got to go to an Oak Ridge high school volleyball
game because one of the McGill girls plays for them! It was super
fun!! Ha it felt weird to be at a high school sporting event. Then we
got to go to the Folsom Symphony concert thing because Sister Martin
(lady we live with) was preforming & it was this big outside concert &
we got to talk to a ton of people about the church!

Anyway the rest of the week went really good:) our missionary class in
Sunday school is going soo great!!! Things are starting to happen here
& I'm just super pumped to be here with sister Starnes. I'm just so
grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows exactly what we need❤️
I hope you all had a wonderful week & choose the right & read your
scriptures & remember to love everyone!!!

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

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