Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lookin for some religion? You know who to call.

Hello Everybody:)
So this week has been really good! really long, but really good! I've realized how much easier missionary work is if you just tell yourself that you are happy haha and to just laugh off stuff.

Last Monday both of my companions ran out of money sooo I had to buy their groceries for them and I came to realize at the check out that I also didn't have enough money to cover all 3 of our groceries :-) luckily the sweetest lady behind us bought our groceries! She was a member in another ward and was SOO NICE! I know Heavenly Father is watching out for us:)

This past week we had a mission conference with the entire mission talking about iPads and how to use technology wisely. It was a really great conference, by Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy. So we should be getting iPads within the next week or so? (we hope). At the conference they talked about how they are splitting the mission and we will be getting a call before July 1st letting us know if we will be staying in the Sacramento Mission or transferred to the Modesto Mission! I am actually a little nervous and I just wish I knew where I was going. But I am happy to go wherever the Lord wants me to go:)

Not much more has happened this week, we have just been biking all day long looking for people to teach, so if any of you know anyone who lives in Carmichael California and are lookin for some religion you know who to call;)

Sister Sobotka

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