Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I AM BEING TRANSFERRED! (My address is still the same so write me at
the same address) Yeeee I'm going to the city of Folsom and I couldn't
be more excited :) my new companion's name is Sister Cavaka isn't that
funny? Sobotka & Cavaka hahah I've only met her once at zone conf and
she plays the ukulele and is a great singer so I am excited! Also I'm
going to be the senior companion! Soo that's a little freaky and we
are covering 2 wards so that means...FULL TIME CAR HOLLA!!!!!! No more
biking in the ghetto:) it also means I won't be going to the Modesto
mission and I'll be staying in the Sacramento mission:) I am so
grateful for the time I have got to spend here in Carmichael in the
La Sierra ward and the people I met here and all the crazy
things I got to experience, but I am excited for new adventures in

Here's how my week went:

It got super hot this week and even reached 109!! One night we were
biking home and it was soo hot and we had about 20 minutes left until
we got home and then Sister Sahms bike chain just got jammed up some
how so we started walking home...and I was just about to start crying
and then a car pulled up next to us and it was this man who works at
this Chinese restaurant we always go to and he got out and helped us.
It was so nice!!! It's amazing to know that the Lord is always looking
out for us! I finished the Book of Mormon last week and started again
this week, I was reading in 1 Nephi 1:20 where it says, "the tender
mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen because of
their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance" I
am so grateful for all of the many tender mercies I have seen while
serving a mission, I know that the Lord truly loves us and always
makes sure there is a way to overcome our trials.

Thursday we did service at the cemetery with Elder Jaramillo and Elder
Snow (our district leaders) and we were riding around in a golf cart
and Elder Snow tried drifting around a corner and Sister Suzuki and
Sister Sahm just flew off the back of the golf cart!!! Hahaha! They
didn't get hurt but Sister Suzuki was soo MAD! Elder jaramillo, Elder
Snow and I were trying so hard not to laugh, but it was seriously
hilarious! Hahaha!

Basically the rest of the week was biking around in the heat and
talking to every one trying to find new people to teach, it was a long
week but we were able to add a new investigator who came to church and
loved it! Her name is Alicia, she is the nicest investigator I have
had! When we showed up at her house she had a pizza and fried chicken
made for us! They just moved to California... Her husband is a member
but super less active and she called the Bishop and asked to send
missionaries over. She had already been reading from the Book of
Mormon and Is praying about it, she is awesome and even asked to take
pictures with us. I'm sad to be leaving this area right when I met her
but I am so excited to hear more about Alicia.

Anyway that was my week, I hope you are all having fun this
summer and gettin super tan-I'm gettin pretty tan except with horrible
tan lines hahah anyway yeah have a great week love you all:)

Sister Sobotka

Alicia (New Investigator), Sisters Sobotka, Sahm and Suzuki

Sisters Sobotka, Suzuki, Sahm and Jack (Investigator)

Sister Clayson (Ward Member) Sisters Sobotka, Sahm and Suzuki

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