Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Not One, but Two Companions!

This has been a pretty crazy, but great week!

We had exchanges this week, I was able to go to another area for the day with Sister Rasmussen! It was pretty fun and it was great to see another area!

Thursday we finalized Lola's Baptism for May 21:) We are really excited for that!  We saw “Dreamer" and she did some tap dancing for us and we talked about how Heavenly Father blesses us with talents so she was happy to show us all of her many talents haha! We added a new investigator, Josaphina who is super nice and is really excited to learn!

Friday we had an amazing zone training. I really love my Zone and it has been fun to serve with them these past 12 weeks! We talked about putting others before ourselves and loving everyone we talk to!

Saturday we went on a Temple tour with a less active lady in our Ward, her name is Angie. She had a stroke when she was 23 years old and half of her body is paralyzed! She has such a positive attitude on life and I look up to her a lot! The Temple tour went great and she loved it:) On Sunday we had dinner with members and they are huge Giants fans! They told us that the Giants swept the Angels this past week so that is pretty sad news?!

Monday night we got our transfer calls! I will be staying in the La Sierra Ward...but I will be getting not only 1, but 2 new companions!! So we will be in a trio:) I will be with Sister Sahm-from Micronesia! and Sister Suzuki who is Japanese! This should be pretty interesting! I’m really excited to get to know these 2 new Sisters, I’m really sad to see Sister Lavea go:( she was such a great companion and I am so grateful for the things she has taught me.

OKAY SATURDAY NIGHT!  The scariest thing happened on Saturday night. We had just finished daily planning and Sister Lavea was in the shower and someone knocked on our apartment door... it was about 10:15pm and I looked to see who it was, but all I could tell was that it was a woman. I wasn't planning on answering it and then she just knocked again and says, "HELLO ANSWER YOUR DOOR!" then I thought it might be a lady who works at the office of the apartment complex, so I opened the door and its this black lady who smelled like smoke and had missing teeth…I was like "hi" and she was like "ohhh I just wanted to see who lived here" and I was like uhhh and then she just walked into the apartment!!! My heart was just beating super fast and then she just tried to grab Sister Lavea's purse!! She said "oh I’m just going to look at this" and I was just freaking out by then. I said "NO SORRY!" so I just seriously slammed the door on her, I have no idea if I hurt her or what even happened but I just had an adrenaline rush or something!  I locked the door and ran and got Sister Lavea out of the shower haha! I was shaking,  Sister Lavea got dressed super fast and grabbed a dumb-bell and she opened the door but the lady was just totally gone! We called our Zone Leaders who live in our same apartment complex and they went out and looked for her but she was gone! President Jardine and Sister Jardine called us to make sure we were okay!  That is the excitement for the week:)

I hope you all have a great week and CTR :)

Sister Sobotka

Sister Sobotka, Angie and Sister Lavea visit the Sacramento Temple

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