Monday, May 18, 2015

I am here because I love my Heavenly Father

Hello Everyone!

This week has been good and long ha!
Last week we found this guy, Tony, while street contacting and he was totally golden! We set up a return appointment and gave him a Book of Mormon and he read all the way to Alma by the next appointment! We found out that he was 26 so we had to pass him off to the YSA Sisters:( but he came to church yesterday and is planning on being baptized on June 6!! So we are pretty excited! I never thought street contacting would go anywhere...haha but it just goes to show that it is important to talk with anyone and everyone!!

This last Monday sister Sahm tried so hard to get a hold of her Mom in the tiny island of Pohmpei but we could not get through, she is such a good example to me. I really look up to Sister Sahm. I don't think I would've ever left my tiny island to serve a mission, and it just shows how much she loves her Heavenly Father. But, on Wednesday she did get a hold of them!! Apparently there was a big storm by her island and the phones weren't able to connect.

Being in a trio is a very different experience but for the most part it is pretty fun! On Thursday we got caught in a huge rain storm and it just poured on us on our bikes! it took us about 40 minutes to bike home and we were SOAKED by the time we got back to the apartment!!

This week i started thinking, "what on earth am i doing here? am i crazy for going on a mission, this is super hard." and then i read a conference talk given by President Uchtdorft called "On Being Genuine" and i read this quote...
"I am here because I desire with all my heart to follow my Master, Jesus Christ. I yearn to do all that He asks of me in this great cause. I hunger to be edified by the Holy Spirit and hear the voice of God as He speaks through His ordained servants. I am here to become a better man, to be lifted by the inspiring examples of my brothers and sisters in Christ, and to learn how to more effectively minister to those in need.
In short, I am here because I love my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ."

It just kinda put everything into perspective...that is why I’m here! I’m here because I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.

I have a million crazy stories that have happened in this crazy area but I don't have time to share them all, but just know I basically talk to 10 homeless people a day and they are all super crazy. I have realized how much I love living in Utah and how beautiful Utah is. I've realized how grateful I am for my family and how happy I am to have been raised in the church.

We had Stake Conference this week and it was all about FAMILIES! Families are the most important thing, I've realized and I am sooo grateful to have such an amazing family at home. I hope all of you realize how important your families are:) I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Sobotka

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