Monday, May 11, 2015

A Week of Change

Hi Family and Friends:)

This week has been a week of change. I said goodbye to Sister Lavea which was really hard, we got along so well and I’m really going to miss her.   My 2 new companions are Sister Sahm and Sister Suzuki! Our apartment is really crammed right it will be interesting to see how the rest of the transfer goes. But we all get along really well:)

I've realized how scary my area is! Sister Suzuki and Sister Sahm both told me this is the most ghetto area of their mission and they are both pretty scared. haha. We witnessed a drug deal this week, so that was interesting. I also helped wrap a homeless guys wrists because apparently he broke them while fighting some guy over a little girls bike..yeah not exactly sure on that whole story, but I was happy to help.

Like I mentioned before Sister Sahm is from Micronesia, from a tiny island called Pohnpei! There are only 30,000 people on the island and she had never left the island before her mission. She grew up speaking Pohnpein, but took English in Highschool and so we help her with her language study everyday! She is the sweetest Sister and really good example to me for coming out on a mission. She was baptized at the age of 13 and loves the Gospel. The other day I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said yes! So I asked her what his name is and she replied, "Preach My Gospel" hahaha!

Yesterday was Mothers Day so we had the great opportunity to talk to our families! Unfortunately Sister Sahm couldn't get a hold of her parents in Micronesia. I could tell she was really sad and asked President Jardine if she could try again today. She asked us to pray for her that she would get a hold of her family, so we have been praying really hard. Last night after we planned, Sister Sahm said the closing prayer and said, "We are so grateful that Sister Suzuki and Sister Sobotka got to talk with their families" and I just started crying! I realized how much she really loves other people. She didn't even get to speak with her family but she was still thanking her Heavenly Father that her companions got to speak with their families.

It has been good being a trio so far, and I hope the rest of the transfer will be good as well! We are still trying to find people to teach and just talking to EVERYONE (even the people on drugs-and it freaks me out) but no effort is wasted:)

I hope you all have an amazing week and remember to Choose The Right!

Sister Sobotka

Sisters Sahm, Sobotka and Suzuki

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