Monday, April 20, 2015

First Baptism!

So this week was pretty crazy but great:)

On Tuesday we went to our dinner appointment with a Tongan lady in our ward, she picked us up at our apartment and then told us we would be going out to eat! We started driving and then the next thing we knew we were just out of our mission boundaries!!! haha Sister Lavea and I didn't know what to do, so we just went to the restaurant which was a buffet... we walked in and there were Elders there from the Roseville Mission! haha, we were kinda embarrassed, but it turned out to be okay.

On Thursday we had Zone Conference which was amazing! President Jardine told us we would be getting iPads on May 26 and the whole mission is so so excited! We will have so many helpful apps and videos to help spread the gospel. We also got these things installed in our cars called "tiwi's" and its basically this little box that yells at you every time you make a mistake while driving! it is so scary...haha and if you don't fix the problem it reports it to the Mission President and you can get your car taken away! So I try and drive so carefully because I hate the bike haha!

Thursday night was our first baptism!!! We were so excited! Chris has progressed so much and is doing awesome. It was my first convert baptism I've been to in my life and it was a really special experience! Chris's parents were there and they are getting baptized next Saturday by Chris! It was really cool to hear Chris's testimony, you could see how happy he was and how happy people are when they have the knowledge of the Gospel.

We have a new AP this week, we now have 3 for some reason. He is from American Fork and his name is Elder Witt, he went to Lone Peak High School, so I didn't know him, but he is really nice!

We are still trying to find people to teach here in Carmichael, I am so happy I decided to serve a mission. It is really cool meeting all different kinds of people and helping anyone in anyway! I am so blessed to have the Gospel in my life.

Sister Sobotka 

Sister Lavea, Chris and Sister Sobotka

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