Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You've been punked (weekly email)

(For the past two weeks Ashley didn’t write a group email, here is the latest and greatest from yesterday. She is doing so great and loving her mission)

Hi Family & Friends!

Okay I'll admit I was being lazy last week & didn't send out a weekly
email. Anyway, this here in Elk Grove are going well! I got put into
another trio!! My third trio on my mission. My new companion is Sister
Christoffersen:) she has lived in the same apartment as me for the
past transfer, but her companion got really sick & had to go him last
week so she joined my companionship! Let me just tell you it's been
the biggest tender mercy to have another companion right now! Like I
said, people always hate on tri-panionships, but I love them! The Lord
knows I was made for trios...not sure that that means for my future
marriage...hahaha jkjk

Sister Christoffersen is from Bentonville Arkansas and she is an ASL
missionary so now we cover her Ward as well. So we've been able to go
to a few deaf people's homes and watch her teach them lessons in sign
language & it is so cool! We just sit in complete in silence, but you
can still feel the spirit. It's amazing :)

We are still teaching Jose. He's been sick and out of town, but we had an
incredible lesson with him last night and he's praying about baptism on
April 9! Woohoo!!! I'm not even joking when I say he's the most
prepared person I've ever taught on my mission. He's such a good guy &
will make an amazing member. I'm so grateful for this opportunity we
have to teach him.

Also this super funny thing happened this we were out
visiting some potential investigator but we had the wrong address, but
I was like "oh we probably need to be here for some reason, let's try
this door!" So we knocked on it & this Asian lady answered & she
wasn't interested so we asked if she knew anyone that was. So she
pointed us to a house across the street & said, "there's an old lady
who lives there who might be interested" & we were so excited so we
went & knocked on that door & this black guy answers the door & he's
like "hey ladies I'm just sittin down to dinner" & I said, "oh yeah
sorry for interrupting, we are the missionaries..." Then he cuts me
off & says "no I'm saying do you want to come & join me inside for
dinner?" & my companions looked terrified, but I was like "HECK YEAH!"
Hahaha so he's like "sweet come on in" so we are about to walk in the
PROPERTY" & my companions were like so offended but I was just
laughing so hard! Hahaha yeah that was funny.

We had Zone Confefence this week & it was one of my fav ones. I think
it's because we talked about prayer & The Book of Mormon-the most
basic simple things that we can always do better! Also that one awful
play, "The Book of Mormon" is playing in Sacramento right now so we've
been able to talk to a ton of people about it & the Zone Leaders get
to go to the play & stand outside & hand out copies of the Book of
Mormon after the play & they've been able to hand out over 150 copies
every night!! It's actually quite amazing that even though Satans
working really hard to tear down the church, we can still make the
best outta a bad situation.

Anyway that's about all that's happenin here in good old Sac❤️ there's
a less active lady here who told me that I should like the golden
state warriors so yeah I got a new fav basketball team! Go Warriors :)
lol #NotBandWagon #CaliforniaPride

Love you all! Have a wonderful week & remember how much your Heavenly
Father loves you & wants to hear from you through prayer :) CTR

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

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