Wednesday, July 29, 2015

6 Months Down

Hey Everyone!

6 months down!!!! Crazy right? I'm already 1/3 done?! Time is seriously flying by!

It's been a super good, long, week:) so we had transfer calls this week and Sister Kauvaka and I are both staying here in El Dorado Hills! YAY!! So I was pretty excited about that. On Saturday night we got together as a zone at an investigators house and got transfer calls. Our Zone Leaders are super fun and had "Dundies" (if you've seen the TV Show The Office you know what the Dundies are) haha and we all got awards for the transfer! I got "I'm happy even when I'm mad" award hahaha because no one in my zone has ever seen me get mad! Hahaha crazy right? But this transfer has been so much fun. I love this zone and the opportunity I had to serve around these amazing missionaries! It's super sad to see some of them go:'(

Ok so the most embarrassing thing happened this week! So everyone I come in contact with asks where my name "Sobotka" comes from so this lady asked me that this week and I said "it's from the Czech Republic" and then we just kept talking about my mission and how everything has been going and she was talking to me super slow like I was 5 years I was super confused and then she asked how long I've been out and I said 6 months and she said, "wow your English is sooo good" hahaha sooo she thought I was from the Czech Republic!

Anyway the rest of the week went pretty well! We added a few new investigators which is super exciting! One family who are friends with another family in our ward. We met with the mom and just told her what we do as missionaries and she was really interested and said we could come back in 2 weeks and teach her and her family the lessons! So we were super happy about that:) her and her family attend the "Rolling Hills Church" which basically EVERYONE in this area goes to. It's like this huge rock concert church?? I didn't even knew those existed #UtahProbz lolol I would say Rolling Hills is where 90% of the people around here go to church. Basically everyone we talk to say, "oh we already go to Rolling Hills" :(( the other night we went to a lady's house we tracted into a few weeks ago to invite her to the Pioneer Day BBQ & she was super first. She invited us into her house and gave us water and told us how she goes to Rolling Hills. Then she told us about how her family is super important to her and how her dad hates Mormons then she just wanted to start bashing with us!! She was just throwing all this stuff down & I just don't do well with contention! Soo I just bore my testimony, she invited us to come to Rolling Hills but we can't miss our wards on Sunday.

Rolling Hills has been a big thing this week. But last night we went to go see a family we tracted into the other day and they totally let us in and explained how they had been going to Rolling Hills, but they just felt it was missing something...(probz the spirit and doctrine) and they said they would come to church with us this Sunday!! It's a family with a mom, dad & 2 teenage boys!!! And they said we could come by and teach them the lessons this week!! So sister Kauvaka and I are just super pumped!!

On Sunday the 3 Sorenson boys came to church! So that was also super exciting:) the oldest one is 14 and it was his first time coming to church!! He went to efy a few weeks ago and loved it:) so good things are happening here in El Dorado Hills.

Anyway I hope you all have a great week! CTR
Sister Sobotka

Sister Sobotka and Kauvaka at the Sacramento temple

The Folsom Zone

The Dundie Award "I'm Happy even when I'm Mad"

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