Monday, July 20, 2015

My most prized possession is my Testimony

Hi Everyone!

        So it's been another good week in the mission field! Monday we had dinner at our Bishops house and they invited 3 other families over for family home evening! One family got baptized last year and they were wondering how they should do a family home evening so the bishop and his wife decided to have them over to have FHE:) also another family that just moved into the Ward came and the wife isn't a member! The bishop and his family are such good people and are always reaching out to people. This week we did a lot of service projects, on Tuesday we helped a family in our Ward rip out their deck and that was just a big project but it was pretty fun and they bought the Zone Costco Pizza for lunch so that was pretty nice of them.
       On Wednesday we went to this older widowed lady's home for dinner. She reminded me so much of my great grandma Paul:) she was super sassy but super fun to have dinner with. Something that really stood out to me was on her fridge she had a saying that said, "my most prized possession is my testimony" and I just loved that. That this 80 something year old lady really treasured her testimony. And how I treasure my testimony and I love that I have the opportunity to share my testimony every single day!
       On Thursday we had district meeting and talked about how to be bold with the people we are teaching aka my biggest weakness! Haha but I'm working on it:) then we went to lunch with our zone at some Chinese place. Then Sister Kauvaka and I volunteered at this old folks home and played Uno with a bunch of old people, they are hilarious! I told them my favorite movie was Sound of Music and then a bunch of them started belting some Sound of Music songs haha it was pretty funny! That night we had a Ward Correlation meeting with the Ward Mission Leader and the Ward Missionaries. We just got a new Ward Mission Leader and he is awesome! We got together and talked about new ways to get the members more pumped about doing missionary work. The Silva Valley Ward is different because the whole Ward boundaries are in a gated community, where you aren't allowed to knock on any doors and no one is ever outside, the only way you can talk to people is through members! We have such an awesome ward, but they just need to be reminded it's their responsibility as members of this Church to be sharing the Gospel with everyone! So we are really excited to be working with him and coming up with new ideas:)
          Friday we tracted like all day with Shaye. We went and tried to visit all the potential investigators in our area book, but 98% are never home. I swear nobody is home in the summer! At least in this area. But we did add a new investigator, Chris. Then we went to the park to try and find some people to teach and there is this sick skate park there so we started talkin to all the skater kids, and invited them all to the big stake party for the 24 of July! And they all said they would be there, then we showed them the "because he lives" and talked about how much their Heavenly Father and Savior love them. It was a really cool lesson because all the kids just stopped skating and came over to listen to us. Sister Kauvaka, Shaye, and I all bore our testimonies and I realized how sad it is that so many kids don't even know they have a loving Heavenly Father. But we invited them all to come to church:) then I asked if I could borrow one of their skate boards and basically did a bunch of sick tricks for them!! Hahaha and I didn't even fall down:)))
         Anyway I hope you're all having an awesome week and having a fun summer! We got some new referrals this weekend so hopefully we will have some more people to teach this next week! Also HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE YOU!

Sister Sobotka

Sister Sobotka and Sister Kauvaka Sharing the Gospel with Skateboarders

Sister Sobotka and Sister Kauvaka Sharing the Gospel with Skateboarders

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