Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Did Liken All Scriptures Unto Me

Dear Family,

Happy 2016! Can't believe it's 2016. It's crazy to think I've been out for almost a year!!  It's been a good week setting goals and reflecting on the things I've learned this past year while being a missionary.

I started the Book of Mormon again this week and I have made it a goal to really think about whatever I read that morning, through out the entire day, ya know like likening the scriptures unto myself? It has been going great so far and it's helped me realize how the Book of Mormon is totally written for our day. One day this week I read Lehi's vision and how the people in the great and spacious building were pointing and laughing at those who were holding on to the iron rod. Then that day while we were biking some guys just were laughing at us and I was just so embarrassed!! I'm just this little nerdy missionary girl biking around in a skirt and helmet. But then I thought back to what I read that morning and how people are going to laugh and mock those who are holding to the rod and I thought of the importance of clinging to the iron rod. People are going to make fun of my beliefs but it so important to hold to the rod.

 Another day this week Sister Hickman and I literally biked the entire day and not 1 person let us into their house. We were on our bikes for about 6 hours. I was starting to get so frustrated. It was freezing cold and nobody would let us in. Then I remembered what I had read in the Book of Mormon that day. I read about when Nephi, his brothers and dad were in the wilderness and Nephi's bow broke. I remember while reading it how I always thought it was so strange that even Lehi complained against the Lord. Then I realized that is what I was doing in my own mind, I was wondering (complaining) why Heavenly Father wouldn't just help us out right then! I was so annoyed that nobody would let us in!! I thought of how Nephi reacted to his situation, how he didn't complain when trials came. How the trial of his broken bow did not stop him. I thought a lot about how I react when trials come.

Haha anyway that's some insights for the week. The good thing is after the 6 hours of biking we stopped at little Caesars to buy some crazy bread and the guy just gave it to us for free! HOLLA TENDER MERCY FROM THE LORD! 

We are teaching this really solid lady Susan, she's on date for baptism on January 30th and we are still teaching Lee! They are both so awesome and totally know the church is true and I absolutely love teaching them but they both haven't made it to church!!! ugh just wish people would keep their commitments. We've been biking like crazy this week. One day we biked like 30 miles. Sister Hickman is a beast on bike!! Haha but it's good she is helping me to work hard and to talk to everyone.

Oh also Shaye came and visited me in Rancho Cordova and took us to lunch at Costa Vida!! I was so happy to see her & catch up:) I really miss my El Dorado Hills people!

Well I love all of you and hope you have a wonderful 2016!!! (You all probz will since I get home this year;) ) hehe but for real, I hope you all set some good goals that will help you draw closer to Christ. Read your scriptures & CTR!!

Love always,

Sister Sobotka

Shaye Bastian and Sister Sobotka
Sister Sobotka and Sister Hickman

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