Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Getting Cold Here!

Hey fam,

This week has been great! Okay so remember Rex, the 80 something year
old I talked about a few weeks ago? Ok so we went and visited him this
week & we walked into his house & it smelled horrible! Like straight
up weed. It reminded me of the good old days in Carmichael ha! We were
so confused because like why would this sweet 80 year old man be
getting high? So yeah we are still confused about that, but
anyway...we taught him the restoration  & we found out that he might
be a member!! But we can't find his records anywhere? So our ward
clerk is calling salt lake today to try & find them! But the good
thing is, Rex & his son, Wayne, came to church!! Ah we were so

This week I've thought about how my whole mission I kept waiting for
this "golden investigator" & how I have this mindset where one day I'm
just going to magically find this family who has been waiting to hear
about the gospel, but I'm missing the miracles that happen right in
front of me. I've been thinking about Rex, how we just tracted into
him one day & how he called us back, how he wanted to change his life
& start coming back to church & how that's a huge miracle in itself!
Even if he is a member, it's so cool that now is the time he wants to
start changing & coming back to church! He's such a sweet old man &
I'm so happy Heavenly Father lead Sister Kauvaka & I to his door
months ago in July.

Things are going well with Sister Erickson, she's such a sweetie. We
made a new Ward Mission Plan for the Oak Ridge Ward & sister Allen,
(aka the best Ward missionary ever) had them made into these cute
magnets! So we've been going over to every members house and
committing them to do one of the 6 things on there for 1 month. It's
been going pretty well so far! The members here are such good people,
they just need to step up their missionary game-pretty sure we all do.

Dad, I learned how to fill up air in car tires!! Sister Erickson is
just so pro at life. She is knows about a ton how to live and just how
to do useful things, she's kinda like a mom :) haha it's getting so
cold here! Ah I am going to the biggest wimp back in Utah!

Anyway I love you all & hope you have a wonderful week! Remember to
choose the right and read your scriptures.

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

Sister Erickson and Sister Sobotka

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