Monday, August 17, 2015

Pray for the McGill Family

Hi everybody!

This week was such a great week!!!! (K I feel like I start out all my emails like that hah) but it really was a great week:) also I wanna apologize for making my emails so long and boring haha I'll try and shorten this one up! so this past Thursday was like the best day ever! A lady in our Ward called and asked us if we would teach seminary on Thursday morning & of course we said yes. Early morning seminary starts at 6:00am sooo we woke up around 5! I have a new found respect for early morning seminary students!! Haha that was my first time ever going to early morning seminary, but it was way cool to see how many kids wake up that early for seminary! There were 16 kids in our class (they were juniors and seniors) we just talked about the plan of salvation. I think it went pretty well!

Then we had zone conference at 8 in East Sac! It was about a 45 minute drive there & we were the last missionaries there!!! I was so embarrassed hahah & Sister Marston (the vehicle coordinating senior missionary) could just tell I was so flustered & stressed & she said, "I can just tell you need a hug" hahah what a sweet old lady<3 then we had zone conference until 3. It was super good!! We talked about finding basically the whole time, which was really good because we are struggling to find people. The mission goal is 711 convert baptisms this year & we are at 268. Anyway, basically zone conference was amazing & we talked about having charity for a big part of it. Our mission has been really focused on having charity lately. Which is really good, everyone could always use some more charity:)

Thursday night we had dinner with the McGills!! Ok so they are just the sweetest family out there! Idk I'll give you a quick run through of them: we got a referral from missionaries in another stake saying to go visit them, because a member in their Ward is really close friends with them. And we went and visited them and brought them a peach pie & they invited us to dinner. Okay yeah back to dinner, so we walk in & guess what we are having...SPAGHETTI!! I just new it was going to be a good night hahahah. Then we sat down and started talking with them, so I asked them if they even knew what missionaries did and they had no idea! So we explained what we did & basically explained the whole religion! Ha! Then their daughter (17) was like, "yeah a lot of people think we are Mormon because we don't date until we are 16, & we dress modestly & we don't get tattoos & we only have 1 piercing in our ears" & I was just so excited! Anyway the rest of the dinner went awesome! Their dad wasn't there because he was on a business trip, but apparently he has read the whole Book of Mormon & loved it!!!! Then the 3 daughters were like, "yeah he has shared some of the stuff he has read & it just makes perfect sense" (I was just screaming on the inside right then) then we challenged them to read it & they all said they would!! We only brought over 3 book of Mormons (worst missionary award I know) and there were 5 people at dinner (the mom, the 3 daughters & one of the daughters husband) & they asked if they could each have their own! So we taught them the restoration & testified with all of hearts the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon & the spirit was so strong :) they said they couldn't come to church this week since one of their daughters has a volleyball tournament, but they would definitely come next week! Anyway the dinner went awesome & we are so excited to continue teaching the McGill family. I realized Heavenly Father is preparing people everywhere. I read Alma 26 this week & I Love this chapter. Especially verse 27, where it says, "now when our hearts were depressed and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and BEAR WITH PATIENCE THINE AFFLICTIONS AND I WILL GIVE UNTO SUCCESS" I've come to realize that everything is in the Lord timing:) not our own. We just need to be patient and the Lord will give us success!

Other than that the rest of the week went pretty well! We taught young women's in the Silva Valley Ward on Sunday & it was so much fun to be around such amazing young women! We talked about the importance of doing missionary work. The lesson went really well & the girls were so willing to participate! Then we had the opportunity to teach Sunday School in the Oak Ridge Ward to 3 young women. Abby, Chloe & Paige! They're so cute!!:) The youth in this area are so awesome!! I am really impressed at how strong their testimonies are and how kind they are to everyone.

I hope you all have a fun week:) good luck to Taylor McKay Andrew & Lindsey for starting school this week!! Make it a good year kiddies<3 be nice to everyone & read your scriptures & say your prayers!!


Sister Sobotka

Young Women of the Silva Valley Ward

Early Morning Seminary Class

Zone Conference

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