Wednesday, February 4, 2015

MTC Letter

Hey guys!!
I made it through the first week:-)
Ok wow I don't even know where to start. I have done so so so much this week! Ok so first of all, my companion's name is Sister Marks.  She is from Dallas Texas and she talks like a black girl from the hood, but it is so funny!  Everyone in my district is really different than me, when we eat we often talk about NASA, global warming, Chemistry, and Lord of The Rings hahaha so I basically have no idea what the heck they are talking about.  I just say stuff like "yeah global warming is crazy ya know" hahaha idk. Anyway the 2nd day I was there we went into a classroom and Logan Whittaker (jensen's older brother) was my teacher!! And I was so happy to see him!  People are horrible at pronouncing my last name so no one ever calls on me to say the prayer.  I have been sharing a room with 4 other sisters who are going to Tampa Florida and one of the sisters is named sister Faalalalau and she is so funny! She is half tongan half samoan and her and my companion say the funniest things. Okay so one day it was really cold and my companion hates the cold, and she was in a bad mood so she just picked up a giant rock and chucked it at a tree has hard as she could.  It was so funny! hahaha also when Sister Faalalalau was bearing her testimony she was about to start crying and then shes like "imma stop now because thugs dont cry" and the girls here are definitely crazy but i love them!! Something weird about the MTC is that every night at 10:15 this guy comes over the intercom and yells 'ITS TEN FIFTEEN QUIET TIME' and its like we are in some video game hahaha! But I really do love it here. I love my district even though they are completely different from me I have learned so much. The most important thing I have learned is how important it is to be nice to everyone. I have learned that everyone comes from completely different situations and people have gone through some crazy stuff. It made me realize I wish I was nicer to people while I was in high school because everyone is going through a hard trial. Well i hope all of you have an amazing week and remember to be kind to everyone! Thank you so much for all the letters and emails!!

Sister Sobotka

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