Monday, December 7, 2015

Hashtag Blessed

Hey everyone,

It was a good first week in Rancho Cordova!! Okay I'll give you a
quick run through about everything here. Okay so my companion is
Sister Hickman! She's from Tulsa, Oklahoma & is 21 years old. She's probably one of the hardest working people I've ever met & that's not even an exaggeration! She's pretty funny & reminds me so much of my cousin Lauren so it's really fun!! I think she's stressed out covering another Ward but I'm just happy to be here with her haha!

My new area is kinda ghetto, but not too ghetto! There are some
sketchy part like scary apartments but for the most part it's pretty
nice. The wards I cover are the Rossmoor Ward & the Goethe (pronounced like gatey) Park Ward. The Rossmoor Ward has a ton of old people & I would say that Goethe has more young-ish families.

Sister Hickman goes running every morning so I've been trying it out & oh my gosh I'm so outta shape!! Haha it's so embarrassing. We ran like a mile the first day & my legs were literally sore for the next 4 days!! Hahaha #Pray4me but its all good ;)

We are teaching a few people! One guy, named Lee is just super solid. He was referred to Sister Hickman & her past comp a few weeks ago & they've been teaching him every Tuesday & Thursday! He is a doctor & just an all around good guy. He has a good friend that's a member but the member lives out of the mission, but he still comes to the lessons! Anyway lee hasn't came to church yet because he has been on call the past few weeks but hopefully he can make it soon. He has so much potential & real desire to become a member! So yeah that's really exciting!

It's been a crazy week trying to get to know everyone & everything
around here, but I'm so grateful to be serving here at this time. I'm
grateful I get to be here with Sister Hickman & to learn from her. I'm grateful for the birth of our Savior & this Christmas season. I'm so grateful that we have a Savior & because of him we can return to live with our loving Heavenly Father There is so much to be grateful for & my heart is full of gratitude. I hope you all take the chance to look around & recognize how much Heavenly Father loves you & how much he has blessed you with.

Have a good week! CTR

Love always,
Sister Sobotka

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